mardi 22 septembre 2015

Can I get a Thailand bank loan?

About a bank loan

The Thai government and also the banks in Thailand are not keen to give loans to
foreigners who want to buy a property in their country.
The only official finance is onlyavailable when you are going to buy a condominium in FREEHOLD.
That can be done througheither the Bangkok Bank’s Singapore Branch or the United Overseas Bank of Singapore
(UOB). Keep in mind that it is a long and difficult procedure to follow and you will have to fulfill many requirements. Several large companies have seen this opportunity and came to Thailand to provide condominium another loans but at very high interest rates.

The kind of loans you can get is when you buy from developers who are financially strong enough to let you pay in installments over a period they offer you. If the agent can interact with the seller, even it if it a private person who want to resell his property,it is possible to work out a perfect payment plan for you and the seller agreed. You also could call it some kind of loan. In that case, the official owner’s documents like the so called chanotte title will stay in the sellers name until you have paid the full amount. Price and the payment schedules broken down into something legible and will be incorporated into a purchase contract you can sign in a flash, with the back up from the agent and if needed by the lawyer. Keep in mind that you can lose the property completely if you not follow the strict payment plan.
You could buy on a Thai name as the Thai cicizen who works for many years and can proove a steady income can get a loan from the Thai banks. But keep in mind that if the relationship strands, you can not reclaim the property you paid for and will lose it also.So indeed, If the buyer is going to have a Thai wife and put it in her name, then she could get a mortgage but you know the risk when the realationship ends. And to end with good news, if the loan is in a excisting Ltd company name and the company can show many years of income and financial stability such as owning properties, the loan can be aproved by several Thai banks.

The answer on the question if you can get a loan is YES but at high interested rates from private companies and with risk losing the property if the payments are to late and it is not advisable to do that. 
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